Intensio is an art project and series of performances created and curated by me and my family. Our intention is to merge the highest level of ballet and choreography with the new possibilities of media in order to create a unique and special experience for the audience.


'Creativity is a process that can be observed only at the intersection where individuals, domains, and fields intersect'
- Mihaly Csikszentmihaly


We are eager to push the boundaries of collaboration of different fields and the constant work in progress of the project ensues that no program is the same.

By inviting world-class ballet dancers from around the world, we provide both excellence in the classical pieces of the programs and cutting-edge novelty in numbers specifically created for the occasion. Intensio is a mash-up of high-art with new possibilities, while presenting excellence in maintaining tradition.


INTENSIO, a neologism

INTENSIO is a new word created to reflect our approach to performance.  A performance should be an INTENSE experience for the viewer resulting from a firm INTENTION for the program, which in INTENSIO is to combine the new ways of technology with the substance of world-class dance.